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Physical Therapist


Why is our practice different from others?

We provide 40 min initials and 30 min follow-ups.

We provide a one on one service only. Unlike other practices we do not jump between others at the same time. Some practices do this for time efficiency and to maximise patient numbers. This is not ethical and we do not undertake this type of consultation behaviour.

We always try to keep consistency with the Physiotherapist you will see if follow up sessions are needed. You will not unknowingly see other therapists on follow up visits which can upset the balance of treatment and rapport you have with your therapist. 


We do not just treat symptoms. We aim to find and resolve the cause of your problem by using diagnostic techniques and treatment methods with a high medical evidence / research base that are proven to work.

The therapists are very highly qualified with years of experience and have a high commitment to continuing education as research evidence and trends change.

Once your problem has been resolved / under control we promote independent management of your problem so the reliance on physiotherapy is not as necessary in the future.


We give an accurate diagnosis of your problem and will estimate times of recovery to put your mind at rest.

We endeavour to provide the highest quality individualised service possible.

We have a fully equipped rehabilitation gym onsite.

We are open extended hours to cater for working individuals.

Easy parking so you don’t have to battle for a park

What can I expect at my first session?

The session normally lasts around 40min. It is advisable to arrive 5mins early so that you can fill in some essential paperwork. You will then meet with the physiotherapist and a comprehensive assessment of the concern is conducted. This will include history taking and hands on assessment of the area. In the same session you will be educated about the findings of the assessment and then begin a treatment program.


Do you have electronic claiming onsite?
Yes, we offer the HICAPS system for electronic claiming on site. Simply bring your health insurance card to each session and you will only be required to pay the gap amount if there is one. This saves you a trip to your health fund.

Do I need a referral to see a physio?
No, for the majority of people it is not necessary to have a referral from a GP. The three exceptions are Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), workers compensation / third party and people who are eligible for the Enhanced Primary Care scheme (your Dr will inform you if this scheme is appropriate for you). If you have any questions relating to the need for a referral from a GP please feel free to contact us directly.

If I am under workers compensation do I need to see a specific  physiotherapist?

No, Workover legislation dictates that a patient has a right to see a physiotherapist of their own choosing. You will still need a referral from a GP if you are under a workers compensation related injury.


What should I wear to my physio session?
It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothing and supportive footwear (if possible). This will be advantageous to allow the therapist to access areas for treatment and if you are required to complete different exercises/ stretches. We offer gowns to change into if necessary.


What should I bring to my first appointment?
GP or specialist referral (if you have one)
Relevant x-rays or scans you have had recently
Private health insurance card (if applicable)

Medicare card (if applicable)        


For Workers Compensation or Compulsory Third Party Insurance Claims - please provide your claim number. If you don’t have this ask the receptionist about procedures. 

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