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What to expect in your first physiotherapy treatment at Enhance Physiotherapy

The initial assessment will usually be around 40 minutes. In this time a thorough history and examination is done to assess your condition. The initial session will also include manual treatment and exercise prescription to help resolve or manage the condition. Patients will be informed of estimated times of recovery and all treatments given are based on current research trends which are proven to work. All subsequent treatment sessions are 30 minutes one on one with the therapist.


Physiotherapy Products and Services

Comprehensive Manual Therapy and Individualised Exercise Prescription to treat various musculoskeletal conditions

Hands-on treatments such as joint mobilisations, and massage / soft tissue releases


Individually tailored home exercise programs to aid in your recovery. These may include stretches and various strengthening exercises including core stability strengthening exercises. These are especially important in minimising the risk of your problems recurring in the future.

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation - Pre and Post Surgery


Chronic Back Pain Exercise Programs - Utilising Pressure Biofeedback and other Electro-Therapeutic modalities.


Electrotherapeutic Modalities: Ultrasound treatment, Laser treatment, Electromyography, Real time visual ultrasound imaging (Core and Pelvic Floor retraining)

Fiberglass Plasters / Casting for fractures


Support Pillows, Lumbar supports and Physio Gym Balls - Great for Exercise Programs, Flexibility, Posture

Complete Range of Braces / Splints 

Fully Equipped Injury Rehabilitation Gym


Incontinence issues (Pelvic floor retraining)

Pre - Post natal advice / exercise prescription
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